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Optimally structured asset transfers

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Safeguarding life-long assets – that's the challenge

If you want to transfer your company or your assets to the next generation, you will inevitably face a series of far-reaching issues – after all, it’s about preserving your life-time achievement and preventing it going to third parties. In addition, it is very important to the person transferring to secure himself financially, and not to trigger gift or inheritance or income taxes with the transfer. There is a variety of complex, interlinked challenges in inheritance rules for corporate, family and inheritance law related to tax rules, assessment, inheritance tax and income tax law. All these areas must be coordinated with one another like gears in a clock, so the inheritance requires a holistic consulting approach.

360-degree consulting – that's our solution

At the beginning of inheritance consulting, the reason for the intended transfer takes centre-stage. We first analyse the asset and life circumstances. Building on this, we then create structural models which are coordinated with commercial, civil, societal and tax laws. Then we assist you in implementing the succession structure which we have developed together, as well as a declaration in the context of gift tax and inheritance tax returns.

Interdisciplinary expert skills – that's our ace

We are on your side in all phases of asset transfers, from planning the asset succession to valuation and structuring to implementation. This is made possible through an interdisciplinary professional team composed of lawyers, auditors and tax consultants.

This is what we do for you:

  • Factual tax analysis and creation of tax-optimised structural models
  • Inheritance consulting
  • Comparison of the structural models with their income tax consequences.
  • Coordination of corporate statutes, will, marriage contract and mandatory partial waiver
  • Valuation of companies, shareholdings and other assets
  • Creating inheritance tax and gift tax returns


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