Corporate valuation

Corporations and assets reliably and comprehensibly valued

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Aligning valuations and events – that's the challenge

Corporate valuations can be needed for various reasons: When purchasing or selling a company, or business units, you form a reliable and comprehensible corporate value, which can serve as a basis for price negotiations and price limit determinations. The same applies to property transactions – regardless of this has to do with investment, sale or transfer for gifts or inheritance. Corporate valuations have become more significant in the context of creating annual reports under German or international accounting rules, if, for example (intangible) assets are recorded at their present value, or are required for purchase price allocations or impairment tests.

An evaluation procedure needed for the occasion – that's our solution

All value-influencing factors are thoroughly determined and professionally assessed by our experts in a corporate valuation. Depending on the occasion for the assessment, we have the right model, and perform the valuation using generally accepted valuation procedures (such as IDW S 1, income value procedures, discounted cash-flow, multiplication procedures or valuations in line with the German Valuation Law (Bewertungsgesetz - BewG). And, depending on the contract, we perform as an expert assessor, consultant or auditor.

An expert consultant network – that's our ace

You will have an expert team composed of valuation specialists, lawyers, auditors and tax consultants from our complete network for business valuations as well as for planning and structuring transactions.

This is what we do for you:

  • Corporate valuations using recognised valuation principles
  • Support in creating planning and forecast budgets
  • Property valuation
  • Assessing intangible assets (rights, patents, IP and customer base)
  • Purchase price allocations (PPA)
  • Transaction consulting
  • Succession consulting
  • Accounting


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