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What is important to us? What do we do with it?

Our firm’s leadership focuses on the principles of professional law for auditors, tax consultants and lawyers. In particular, we emphasise personal responsibility, knowledge, independence and confidentiality. In addition, we are committed to the classic model of an “honourable businessman,” as is enshrined in the Commercial Code. Integrity and reliability are primary in our service to clients. These are the essential conditions for quality and professionalism, as well as the basis for mutual trust.

We have worked closely with most of our clients for many years due to our years of experience, first-class references as well as continuous, responsible and personal advice.

We focus on clients, and assist them in all life situations – on the one hand, we provide a client partner who takes on the leadership within our firm, and carries the responsibility. On the other hand, we understand client support as a shared task.

We achieve this through

  • taking personal responsibility and mutual respect,
  • an interdisciplinary consulting approach,
  • valuable cooperation (network),
  • our expectation of best services
  • and continuous acceptance of changes and life-long learning.

The most important resource for our successful work are the professional and personal capabilities of our staff. Therefore, we provide interdisciplinary and custom training as the focus on developing our staff. In addition, our HR is characterised by trust, responsibility, collegiality and a balance between efficiency and humanity (“promote and advance”).

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