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Thinking beyond the tax return – that's the challenge

Consulting with individuals simply involves creating income tax returns – that’s the common view. In truth, there are many more questions related to civil and tax law. They deal with building up assets and the taxation of current income as well as capital gains from assets such as property or capital assets. Succession rules and their effects related to inheritance and gift taxes are also significant.

In a globalising world, individuals are also increasingly confronted with tax issues which arise from moving abroad or the taxation of foreign income and assets. Finally, tax obligations have sometimes not been met, and income has to be declared ex post facto, such as in the case of a self-declaration.

Advice for all life situations – that's our solution

We support you not only with your income tax returns based on our experience and skills. We also advise you in other areas from one source: for tax-optimised asset formation, for tax planning and optimisation, in creating and declaring tax-optimised succession models as well as with complex tax issues which have to do with moving abroad or moving to Germany. In addition, we have a great deal of experience in subsequent income tax returns in the context of self-declarations.

Support beyond borders – that's our ace

Our interdisciplinary team of tax consultants, lawyers and auditors makes it possible for us to assist you in all life areas comprehensively and from one source. If you move abroad or make investments abroad, we can also support you thanks to our global consultant network, HLB International, present in over 150 countries.

This is what we do for you:

  • Creation of income tax returns
  • Income tax planning and optimisation
  • Advice about your property
  • Advice about your capital assets
  • Succession consulting and optimisation
  • Creation of gift tax and inheritance tax returns, including valuation of assets
  • Consulting when moving abroad or moving to Germany
  • Support and advice for post-declarations of income (self-declarations)


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