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Shaping economic success – that's the challenge

A personal activity which requires belonging to a professional organisation, invoicing under compensation regulations, tax privileges as well as membership with professional pension organisations are significant characteristics of freelance professions. In addition to the benefits that freelancers undoubtedly enjoy, this is, however, also strongly regulated in many aspects. On the one hand, you cannot choose any legal form to found a company for professional reasons. On the other hand, compensation regulations that lead to reliable income and success-dependent compensation are only available on a restricted basis. This can make growth and investment difficult. To open up new income beyond the core area of freelance activities, questions must be answered to differentiate from income subject to trade tax. Frequently, succession structures and corporate transfers must also fulfil the pension interests of the transferor, and are subject to professional rules. You need experts in this complex consulting field who know the area.

A holistic consulting approach – that's our solution

With our interdisciplinary expertise, we accompany you from taking up your activities to structuring succession, from one source. On the basis of your professional goals, we develop a tax-optimised structure with you, and support you as well in investment planning. You can also outsource all commercial and administrative obligations, such as financial and payroll accounting and the development of budgets so that you can fully concentrate on your freelancing core activities. Finally, we also assist you in succession planning which is tax-optimised, and also deals with your pension interests.

Concentrated know-how for freelancers – that's our ace

Our years of experience in advising freelancers gives us the ability to advise you in all professional and personal development steps in a competent and comprehensive manner. We can also call on specialist knowledge in the area of professional law through our network.

This is what we do for you:

  • Personal and business consulting, such as in creating a business plan
  • Tax-optimised founding of companies and succession structures
  • Tax structure advice which fits your profession
  • Outsourcing financial and payroll accounting etc.
  • Creating annual reports in addition to business and personal tax returns
  • Custom, industry-specific evaluations of accounting
  • Investment planning


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