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Tasks outside of your core business – that's the challenge

Companies have to manage a variety of administrative tasks, so that they frequently cannot focus 100% on their core business. There is a solution which can be used to more intensively focus on main tasks in production, development and sales, increase efficiency and therefore improve business success: outsourcing. With this, you can outsource individual areas such as financial accounting, payroll accounting and reporting, as well as entire business processes such as HR, payment transactions, creditor and debtor management and dunning. The decision as to which tasks should be transferred to an external partner is always dependent on many factors, such as the size of the company, the industry and staff and technical capabilities.

Outsourcing with certified quality – that's our solution

Creating financial accounting, payroll accounting, tax returns and financial reports is only the start of outsourcing corporate tasks. In addition to these standard services, we also handle far-reaching outsourcing contracts, from IT services such as ASP to complete take-over of whole business departments. This allows us to significantly unburden companies over the longer term.

For companies subject to audits, a further aspect plays a decisive role: in the case of outsourcing, an external auditor must audit and test the outsourced departments and their internal control systems. This audit no longer takes place in the company. Rather, it is done by us as a service provider. When processing outsourcing contracts, high quality standards are required. We meet these standards, and additionally provide certification in outsourcing as per IDW PS 951 Type 2 and ISAE 3402 Type 2; few competitors have these certifications.

Digital financial accounting and accounting – that's our ace

Nowadays, we accomplish the many tasks in outsourcing using digital systems, in bookkeeping, payment transactions, electronic tax returns and reporting. We work with a highly developed, always up-to-date system, specifically based on DATEV, as well as with a completely digital document management system. With the “Company online” system, secure access to our client cloud and a variety of interfaces to our clients’ IT systems allows us to connect and optimise the work processes of the company with those in our law firms.

This is what we do for you:

  • Digital financial accounting
  • Digital payroll accounting
  • Payment transactions
  • Automated dunning
  • Controlling and reporting to investors
  • IT services such as ASP
  • Tax compliance
  • Create annual reports and consolidated financial statements


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