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Getting off to the right start – that's the challenge

There are a variety of legal and tax questions when founding a company: What should the company's objectives be, and what risks are associated with it? Do the shareholders carry liability, and how can this be limited? How can the influence of third parties (such as in the case of an inheritance or divorce) be limited to the fate of the company? Can you dissociate from partners, and how are they compensated? How does the legal form affect the company’s taxes and its shareholders? All of these issues interact with one another, and must be closely coordinated – by an expert who knows the field well.

Holistic consulting from experts – that's our solution

Whenever a company is founded, this involves several phases, so that a holistic consulting approach is needed. First the focus is on the business idea, its risk assessment as well as the planned owners and financing structure. Together with you, we develop the right legal form, and create the relevant corporate statutes. Then we support you in setting up the company itself, and assist you with all connected, required registrations.

Of course you can always count on us for the next steps. We help you to fulfil your tax obligations and optimise your business tax processes. As a certified outsourcing partner (IDW PS 951 Type 2 und ISAE 3402 Type 2), we assist you in all administrative and commercial areas such as compliance, dunning and reporting to investors.

A global consulting network – that's our ace

Our interdisciplinary technical skill as lawyers, auditors and tax consultants enables us to support you from your business idea to creating the company to administration, all from one source. In addition, thanks to our international HLB network, you have a skilled partner to internationalise your company and handle all the relevant issues – whether about the right site, the correct legal form or the tax and legal requirements related to founding a company and in business operations. Our network also offers support for further legal issues about general business terms, intellectual property and distribution law as well as labour and social laws.

This is what we do for you:

  • Consulting on selecting the legal form
  • Creating a tax-optimised corporate structure
  • Founding partnerships and corporations
  • Assisting with the registration obligations related to founding a company


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