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Creating bases for decisions – that’s the challenge.

From auditing accounting and resulting consulting to continuous improvement of trust activities to corporate valuations and risk audits for corporate sales: auditing extends over far more areas than the word itself suggests.

In particular, statutory audits, such as annual reports and consolidated financial statements or special audits, which conclude with a sealed attestation or a certificate, form a core area of auditing. Most have to do with adherence to accounting and other statutory regulations or public certification in the area of financial reporting. Trust, safety, continuity and potential for improvement must therefore be the key quality characteristics regarded when selecting an auditor, while factors such as size, industry knowledge and costs should play a subordinate role.

Auditing for medium-sized companies – that's our solution

As auditors, we constantly work in a broad field between freelancers and public services. This requires individual layouts in the context of personal responsibility, a variety of further professional regulations and a professional overview by the WP chamber (an external "peer review” quality control). The focus here as well is on our professional understanding of the interests and needs of medium-sized companies, with which we are very familiar thanks to our far-reaching and long-term work in these fields. We therefore specifically deploy constant and experienced auditing teams as well as a high-quality technical and efficient auditing process, keeping our eye on what is important – and provide a contribution to the continuous improvement process of your company.

HLB International – that's our ace

You can count on us even if your company is globally active. We can organise and implement internationally-coordinated annual reports and consulting projects with our HLB network with around 700 law firms in more than 150 countries.

This is what we do for you:

  • Obligatory as well as voluntary audits of annual reports, consolidated financial statements and interim reports (as per HGB and IFRS)
  • Auditing reviews and examinations of other financial information or closures
  • Special audits (MaBV, DSD), embezzlement audits and their prevention
  • Audits in connection with founding, purchase, sales and conversion of companies and share purchases (due diligence)
  • Audit of NPO cash use accounting
  • Examination of proof of use for public grants or subsidies
  • IT system audits
  • Corporate valuations and expert opinions
  • Consulting when establishing, and in connection with internal controls, internal control systems and internal auditing
  • Consulting in the application of accounting rules
  • Strategies to avoid or reduce corporate publicity
  • Making inventory counts easier by using differentiated inventory methods
  • Rating consulting and optimisation


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