Control- and compliance-management systems

Designing and implementing more efficient processes

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The challenge: legal security thanks to efficient, effective controls

Complex markets, increasing regulation, increasing demands for transparency: Today, an efficient internal control and risk management system is indispensable even for medium-sized businesses. Because seamless business processes form the basis of successful company-management and -development.

Should the company or any individual employee violate legal, tax or ethical regulations, the very existence of the company could be at risk. In addition, the responsible managing directors can face a significant liability risk and a risk of fines. Here, it is important to implement effective internal control systems in order to comply with all tax regulations, guarantee legally compliant accounting, IT security and data protection in line with the GDPR, and to prevent corruption and anticompetitive agreements.

Our solution: a customized approach for every company

In order to develop an internal control-, risk-management- or compliance-management system that is tailored to the needs of your company, the first thing we do is analyze your existing controls and then provide support should the system require any adaptations or additions. And if required, we will continue to support you in the documentation and implementation of a new internal system, e.g. by training your employees. Following that, we will take care of monitoring, control and compliance with the regulations that have been set out, by carrying out an external system check and providing you with support for the internal audit.

Our trump card: comprehensive support

Thanks to our comprehensive consulting approach, our team of experienced experts will be happy to help you with any requests or questions you might have when it comes to your control- or compliance-management system – including as part of an outsourcing agreement, in which we take on part of the accounting.

What we can do for you:

  • Design and implementation of internal control processes
  • Design and implementation of compliance management systems
  • Inspection or review of internal control systems (including in compliance with SOX 404)
  • Support for or performance of internal audits
  • Outsourcing (part of) accounting
  • Controlling and reporting
  • IT services such as ASP


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