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Use strategy to point the ship to the destination

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The right strategic planning – that's the challenge

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable,” – Seneca from ancient Rome knew this. In other words: “Regardless of which direction the wind blows, if the target is correctly defined, we’ll reach it”. This motto can also be applied to company growth. If you want your company to be successful, this requires good strategic planning and orientation. This has been shown when looking at unsuccessful companies whose causes of failure or bankruptcy are ultimately always attributable to strategic failings.

Corporate consulting and coaching with a broad view and experience – that's our solution

Strategic consulting is a process of analysis, interpretation and creative structuring in which rationality and intuition work together. Our consulting services extend from strategies to achieve an entrepreneur's or manager’s personal goals to long-term corporate strategies and strategies for special cases for owners (inheritance, restructuring, change in management and crisis situations etc.) to short-term (annual) corporate strategies. Our goal is to provide methodical and professional strategic consulting to balance all these different aspirations and finding the right methods for implementation.

However, strategic consulting always depends in its type and scope on the individual situation and the development stage of corporate planning – so is always a custom situation. So we always start from the personal goals of the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial family, and try together with the shareholders to find a common denominator which can serve as a goal. This is the first step to developing a corporate strategy in all its short- and long-term aspects.

If we have examined defined targets in terms of finance, tax and legislation, checking that they are feasible and make sense, we develop suitable actions and implementation plans. This process requires not only comprehensive knowledge of business and law, but also experience as well as methodical and psychological approaches.

Another way to find the right strategy is entrepreneur coaching, which does not focus on providing solution recommendations, as with classical corporate consulting. This focuses more on the entrepreneur finding his own solutions and approaches for their implementation. This can take place as individual coaching or with a group of, for example, shareholders, managing directors and employees. Entrepreneur coaching can therefore focus on implementing goals (personal or corporate goals), developing skills (such as leadership or management) or on increasing a company’s performance. Frequently, entrepreneur coaching also focuses on implementing strategic actions jointly developed in the context of corporate consulting. The coach, one of our experts, serves as a discussion partner, advisor and developer in workshops.

Years of experience and individuality – that's our ace

How can you count on us? Our years of experience in the areas of corporate consulting and entrepreneur coaching mean that we don't offer ready-made consulting, but instead focus on custom-designed solutions or assistance tailored to your needs.

This is what we do for you:

  • Strategic planning and business entrepreneur consulting
  • Development of visions, targets and strategies in addition to implementation activities
  • Integrated corporate planning (income, balance sheet and financial planning)
  • Corporate leadership
  • Results-oriented restructuring consulting


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