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Recognising and using potential for improvement – that's the challenge

Competition, cost pressures and technical improvements require diverse business planning to decide on the future development of a company. Since companies are mostly already confronted with the analysis of numbers and issues, they are well-advised to bring in professional business consulting. It is especially important to develop custom key performance indicators over a longer period of time, as well as industry-specific external comparisons. After a thorough analysis of your figures and your company, we use deeper dives to find significant areas for improvement which can secure and increase your company’s success.

Custom, intensive and interdisciplinary consulting – that's our solution

You can take advantage of the benefits of our business consulting at various levels and varying degrees of intensity: First, we regularly note conspicuous items in the annual report – whether with a personal closing discussion, or in the form of a management letter. After that, we conduct further investigations and in-depth consulting discussions about individual circumstances. Finally, we develop a special consulting concept, and support you in its implementation. Our consulting areas extend from cost and performance analysis to controlling, financing, planning and corporate management to strategic corporate consulting. These and other areas often include tax, legal, family and personal aspects which we deal with on a holistic and interdisciplinary basis.

Industry-specific consulting concepts – that's our ace

We provide special offers for specific industries and situations: We have developed a custom brewery business audit which extends far beyond the usual opportunities to gain knowledge in a typical annual financial statement analysis. Companies in the brewing and beverage industry can additionally benefit from in-depth business consulting with special Internet access to our external corporate comparison. And we offer special skills for strategy, future planning and the development of owner- or outside-managed family companies, ranging from corporate support to personal coaching.

This is what we do for you:

  • Creating and consulting on business plans
  • Plan and forecast calculations
  • Consulting for important investments and financings
  • Cost and performance analysis
  • Key figure analysis
  • Finance planning
  • Participating in bank discussions
  • Advice for rating procedures and how to optimise them
  • Funding advice
  • Corporate financing
  • Corporate and private pension and asset planning
  • Securing assets
  • Personal entrepreneur and employee coaching (soft skills)


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