Rupert Galler

Senior Tax / Audit, Business administration graduate

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5 questions for Rupert Galler

Which areas do you mainly work in?

My primary activities are auditing and creating annual reports, as well as preparing private income tax and assessment returns for property companies.

What problems do you solve for your clients?

We help our clients to find their way through the jungle of ever-more complex tax and legal obligations.

What makes HLB Linn Goppold special?

We are a medium-sized firm in Munich. Our size allows us to work individually with clients. We have the right contact for every problem in our firm, and our partners and employees work hand in hand. Our partners in the HLB network gives us the ability to work across regions and borders, and to support complex mandates.

What has been your career path?

I've been at HLB Linn Goppold since March 2017. I gained the knowledge I need for my current position through my degree in technology- and management-oriented business management at the Technical University of Munich and KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux. I then deepened my training with doctoral studies at the University of Graz, Austria. Working in controlling, the automotive industry and health care has given me a perspective in various industries.

What motivates you in your everyday work?

My greatest motivation here is the good environment with colleagues and collaboration with our clients, many of whom have been working with the firm for years. My motivation is to find custom solutions for individual issues.

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