Gerhard Goppold

Partner, Business administration graduate, auditor, tax consultant, specialist in international tax law

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Five questions for Gerhard Goppold

Which areas do you mainly work in?

My areas of focus are in tax consulting and international tax consulting, taxation of property, auditing, founding companies, transaction and succession consulting, entrepreneur coaching as well as designing and international accounting

What problems do you solve for your clients?

I ensure that our clients receive optimal tax, commercial law and business law support from us. As a partner responsible for clients, I deal with all the concerns of my clients – from fulfilling their obligatory tasks such as annual reports and taxes, to questions about tax and legal structures and support in business decisions, to strategic corporate consulting, entrepreneur coaching as well as advice in questions related to corporate leadership, organisation and restructuring and succession.

What makes HLB Linn Goppold special?

We are basically geared towards medium-sized companies and are generalists, and our common denominator is tax law. As regards technical and special industries and corporate structures, we also deal with a series of well-known special areas. For this, and for international activities, we can reach out to various networks, including the German and international HLB network. So we bring together the benefits of a medium-sized-oriented tax law firm with those of an international, larger auditing and consulting firm. And last but not least, our offices bring years of experience, contacts and reputation. Our clients feel these benefits, because they often receive unexpected advantages.

What has been your career path?

After completing my studies in Passau, I worked as an assistant in Düsseldorf – first at a medium-sized, and later with a large WP company (Peat Marwick/KPMG), where I then completed my professional exams. In 1991, I succeeded the founder of this law firm. Since then, I've been involved not only with client consulting, but also with management, the growth of our offices, and staff training – throughout the HLB network in Germany.

What motivates you in your everyday work?

I’m particularly motivated by the variety of activities which arise within our generalist and interdisciplinary consulting activities, and which continue to challenge me. They motivate me to find new areas, to growth, and to gain new ideas. Both my profession and my hobby is life-long learning as well as collaborating with people from different generations and with diverse (and cultural) backgrounds. Due to my many stays abroad and work for a large, international concern, I speak fluent English, but also reasonable Spanish and Japanese.


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