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Certification of our outsourcing services as per ISAE 3402 Type 2 and IDW PS 951 new version Typ 2

As one of very few auditing and accounting firms in Germany, we have also had certification as per ISAE 3402 Type 2 and IDW PS 951 new version Type 2 since 2016 certified – for our services in the area of financial accounting, including IT sourcing for clients, payroll accounting, creating annual reports and creating tax returns. We also successfully completed the subsequent audit in January 2021. The audit showed that our firm has a suitable quality management system, and that this is also implemented in our practices.

We offer you not only high-quality individual services – as confirmed by our certification – but we also can take on entire business areas for you. For companies subject to audit, outsourcing provides a significant benefit: The prescribed audit must be conducted by an external auditor who assesses the outsourced areas as well as their internal control systems. This no longer takes place in your company; rather, it is done at our premises. We offer high quality standards that are assumed when processing outsourcing contracts, which is fully ensured through our certifications.

Digital Law Firm

The aim of our work is to create added value for our clients and to minimize unnecessary and superfluous administrative activities. For this reason, we continuously digitize and automate our business processes and accompany our clients in their ongoing development in this regard. As a result of our efforts, we were one of very few law firms to be awarded the DATEV label "Digitale Kanzlei 2021" ("Digital Law Firm 2021").

HLB Academy

The HLB Academy is a training and continuing education institute for all staff at HLB Germany. In addition to assistance for professional exams by HLB member firms and joint visits from external training events, they offer custom training and continuing education for various activity fields. The individual one-week seminars in auditing, I-IV, provide a complete service for audit assistants, auditors and audit managers; in addition, further events are being prepared. Our partner, Gerhard Goppold is professionally and personally responsible for this.

Peer review

Professional tools for quality assurance are also present in firms in which traditional trust plays a central role, and is of great significance. We were one of the first auditing firms in 2002 to voluntarily agree to (and pass) an external quality control, a peer review, under the new professional laws for auditors. Since 2005, peer review is now required by law; regular quality controls are performed by external experts. Since then, auditors without peer review may no longer provide their seal when granting legally required audits. We completed the last peer review in 2017; no objections were lodged.

Our software partner for auditing: Audicon

To be able to ensure efficient and targeted implementation of auditing, we equip our auditors with the latest audit software from Audicon. In addition, we analyse your financial data using the IDEA and AIS Tax Audit Professional applications – we use the same tools that the tax authorities use for your operating audits. This means that you and your company is well prepared for all requirements.

Our software partner for accounting services: DATEV

We use software from DATEV eG for consulting, accounting, creating annual reports and tax returns as well as for our internal support processes and our quality management system. Thus our business processes are not only thorough and efficient, but they are completely secure and legally compliant. In particular in the area of financial and payroll accounting, we work closely with DATEV Unternehmen online. The software digitises your accounting as well as our collaboration, and thus streamlines business processes.

Our advance is your value added: the HLB Linn Goppold client cloud

An outstanding complement to DATEV companies online is the software of our partner, CANDIS. It provides an interface to DATEV and offers solutions to prepare and automate your accounting. Just speak with our consulting experts about your potential for automation.

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