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Those starting in the profession find generalist training, supported and accompanied by experienced colleagues at HLB Linn Goppold. In addition, you are given demanding tasks from the beginning, which gives you many opportunities for development.


We take our responsibilities seriously, and have trained tax specialists for decades. A basic condition is A levels or a school leaving certificate and interest in the exciting work areas of tax and accounting. Ideally, you have already concluded a relevant traineeship.

In the context of a training plan, you will be individually trained in a structured manner in the areas required to become a tax specialist. Past successes of our trainees point to the success of this approach. When you have passed your exams as a tax specialist, you will become an Accounting Assistant.

You will be promoted to senior accountant with professional qualification as a tax specialist or accountant, in the case of special experience and skills. Do you have the relevant professional experience (7 to 10 years)? You can complete your exams as tax consultant, and climb further rungs on the ladder of success.

Assistant in auditing and tax consulting

As an assistant in auditing and tax consulting, you have completed a business or legal sciences degree, ideally with a relevant subject combination in the area of taxes and accounting.

First, you would start with us as Assistant Tax/Audit. From the first day, you would be introduced to your tasks in the context of an initiation plan with the support of an experienced mentor. After you have successfully completed this initiation phase, you will be promoted to Senior Tax/Audit.

If you have passed your professional exams or have extraordinary capabilities and at the same time can take on staff responsibility, you will be promoted to manager. In that case, you would receive relevant training in personnel management to prepare for your responsibilities.


Would you like to study economics and start your career in the field of tax and accounting at the same time? You can combine these goals with dual studies. You can take responsibility as an Accounting Assistant from the beginning with our flat hierarchy in a manageable working environment. In addition, we ensure that you always have the time you need for your studies.

When you complete your studies, you are free to pursue a career in our firm – as an assistant in auditing and tax consulting.

Career change

We are also pleased to find candidates making a career change. We will try to define a position with you which fits your current professional and personal experience and training.

Available positions

Take a look at our current available positions. We regularly seek additional staff in our different professional areas at HLB Linn Goppold. Bring your capabilities and ideas to us – for the benefit of our firm and our clients.


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Your contact for careers:
Corinna Matejicek

I am available to answer all your professional questions about HLB Linn Goppold. It’s important to us that you are well-informed about us.

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